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Forward Thinking

Sci Fi Meets Modern Art as Luxury Designers Reveal Their Vision for Tomorrow's Jetset

LUXURY boat designer Schöpfer Yachts, has envisioned a trio of floating masterpieces that are just begging to be moved from paper to water.With blueprints that combine sci-fi with modern art, practicality with implausibility, if this is the future of yachting, may that future start now.
The US-based team founded in 2008 is passionate in its pursuit of advanced aesthetics and technology in the yachting world. Flexible in its approach, Schöpfer Yachts can secure strategic alliances with the world’s finest naval architects and shipyards dependent upon the brief it has in mind. Alliance number one was with American architects Sparkman & Stephens and ‘Oculus’ was the result. In the spirit of launching with a flourish rather than a whimper, first venture 250ft (76m) Oculus (Latin for ‘eye’) was penned by E Kevin Schöpfer, founder of his eponymous company, and it immediately turned media heads. With an exterior designed to evoke the jaw and eye socket bone structure of large ocean-dwelling fish and mammals, you can almost imagine Oculus’s chops swiveling open and shut as it glides along the surface...

August/September 2010
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