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Kevin Schöpfer is an award-winning architectand designer whose work has been published worldwide. For almost 40 years, Schöpfer has maintained an independent international design consultancy focusing on concept and product design. Most recently, he founded Schöpfer Yachts to design and implement high-concept luxury vessels, all of which integrate advanced aesthetics and technology.

Oculus, Schöpfer Yachts’ first venture, has turned heads with remarkable symmetry and structure. This 250-foot (76-metre), longdistance cruising vessel is designed to accommodate 12 guests in extraordinary comfort and style, at speeds upwards of 25 knots. The exterior styling of Oculus has been described by some as a mythical, giant sea creature. Only images can really convey how audacious she is.

Among her most dramatic features are a reverse bow configuration and a “low rider profile.” This slightly lowered surface allows for new side recreational areas...

I must tell you that this feature has generated many an “oooh” and “ahhh,” from those of us working in house (who were lobbying to give the article even more pages) to a number of people I’ve watched flipping through a hard copy and stopping on the page. The images are totally stunning. I hope the article generates some future interest for you and hope that you are pleased.

Tanya Goodman
Owner and Group Editor Chapel Lane Media

Issue No. 40
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