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What We Can Do For You

Why You Would Want…

Design Support

You bring your ideas, we’ll provide the visual effects. From vision to visualization, make your dream a reality.

Design Concept

The journey begins in your head with a vision of things to come. Open the mind’s eye to what lies ahead. Like a wind in your sails, inspiration moves you to create and gives your creation direction. Tangram 3DS helps you harness that wind. We can show your design concept to its fullest advantage, taking your ideas and making them reality—a virtual reality for the viewer.

Design Development

To reach your goal, first visualize your goal. Tangram 3DS maps out the creative journey. It’s your design and you know where you’re going with it. Other people may need a map to follow along. We map out the journey providing support at every step to streamline the creative process and keep you from hitting any rocks along the way. Set your course for success.

Design Details

The difference between acceptable and exceptional is all in the details. Tangram 3DS spotlights the brilliance of your design in all its glorious detail. We provide the WOW effect—the visuals that will sell your design and get it the attention it deserves. Seeing is believing.


…What We Do

Tangram 3DS provides complete 3d solutions, not just 3d products. From simple print presentations or computer graphics images to complex animations or digital multimedia presentations, Tangram 3DS offers customized solutions to your visualization and multi-media needs. Whatever your company size, project requirements, or experience with 3d visualization products, Tangram 3DS can create an individualized and expandable visualization package selected from a wide range of service options. Put our expertise to work for you.

3D visualization

From architecture to interior design, from engineering to industrial design, from urban planning and preservation to oceanic mapping and yacht design, Tangram 3DS has created jaw-dropping three dimensional images for a wide range of design branches.  Our print and electronic media work has garnered numerous awards in the highly competitive 3D visualization arena and helped our diverse clientele present and market their products with great success.

3D animation

Tangram 3DS provides digital animation that captures the viewer’s eye by bringing your vision to life. Working closing with our clients, we develop and animate a storyboard that spotlights design concept and intent. 3D animation is a highly effective, dynamic, and visually powerful presentation and marketing tool. An added benefit: still images from animations can be extrapolated to provide additional print and digital 3D images.

Multimedia and Virtual Reality

Tangram 3DS multimedia and virtual reality packages offer an astounding range of multimedia options that will serve you well for the long run.